My first post here was June of 2020 and my last post was September of 2020. Significant water has passed under the bridge. The covid scare is, unfortunately, still with us but we understand much more. I am still working on my doctorate and I have retired after 40-years in the healthcare field. With retirement, I can rededicate time to this post.

Soon after retirement I re-engaged in Facebook only to be disappointed again. I was hoping to engage people in true discussion and research/fact-based discussions on covid, social issues and the history of our US. I found quickly that people just want to post their feelings and emote rather than discuss. I stayed with it for a couple of months but was then advised that my posts were in the process of being changed. I had no control over those changes or who was changing and censoring. I therefore cancelled my account in mid-July and moved off the platform. Why were these posts altered/flagged or censored? Well, I am Christ following, God fearing man, who identifies as a male. I do not believe in covid or the hype built around this “scamdemic.” I am not an anti-vaxer but I am 100% against the experimental shot currently in the media. I strongly believe the 2020 election was filled with electronic and organic, paper fraud. Will the audits change the outcome? I don’t know and don’t care. God is in control. I just want those who have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar to be prosecuted so that we, as Americans, can trust future elections. Because I do not believe what big tech or the lame-stream media reports it was time to shut me up.

I am moving to my Purposefuleader platform because it is secure (I have an SSL certificate to prove it, it is not hosted by big tech/media, and I can engage anyone in fact-filled debates on social, emotional and other topics. Feel free to share this location with anyone you think may want to discuss leadership and how we become purposeful in our leadership of this country and our own lives. Spoiler alert, I have full control over what comments make it to publication. I enjoy and encourage anyone who thinks differently to post and engage in any topic. Those who disagree with me will still be shared. Those who decide to post an expletive-laced tirade and not back-up their points with valid, researchable and repeatable facts will not be posted.

Generally I will start with a topic but highly encourage anyone to send in ideas, start a discussion or ask questions leading to further engagement. My first post which will follow today or tomorrow will be the latest review of the available data on the covid experimental shot and the world-wide data and implications.

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