On September 7th of last year, I posted a blog about leaders standing against the tide when they know something is wrong. Northouse (2019) defines leadership as a process where individuals influence others in the achievement of a common goal. This process is “not a linear, one-way event, but rather an interactive event” (Northouse, 2019, p. 5). Part of the interaction is to allow the persons standing on a view similar to, or in opposition to our own, have an opportunity to present their data and engage in descriptive defense. As leaders we sometimes must present positions in opposition and suffer the slings and arrows that follow. To subdue or completely censor opposition is what Finzel (2007) identifies as #4 in the top ten mistakes leaders make.

Over the past few months, I have been presenting data contrary to mass media (what I refer to as “lame-stream” media), the government and other researchers regarding the covid “vaccine.” First, I must point out, it is not a vaccine but an experimental shot. It holds no properties that could define it as a vaccine. As leaders we must always tell the truth as we see it and can support. Maxwell (1993) calls out honesty and genuine behavior in all 5 levels of his leadership model. To that point, in this journey of presenting researched and foundational data, I must be honest and present what I find.

For example, there are a host of physicians, researchers and other scientist who have been sounding the alarm about how our government and others are leading us into dangerous territory with mask mandates and mandated shots. In the United States we codified the Nuremburg Code and the Helsinki Accords in 45 CFR 46. This code of the United States makes it illegal to force anyone to participate in an experiment without full informed consent. The people cannot be coerced, bribed, or forced into the experiment. Full informed consent would mean that the patients are advised that the spiked protein injected in them is experimental, known to be toxic to the human body with no pharmacokinetic studies as to where the pathogen goes in the body or what it does when it gets there (Dr. Li-Meng Yan, 2021). The known side effects are all inflamo-thrombotic responses (Richard M. Fleming, MD. PhD, JD, Flemingmethod.com; Sam White, MD, UK NHS). Also, pathologists are seeing increased immune deficiency in the post-vaccinated population. Women are impacted with a 10 to 20-fold increase in uterine cancer diagnosis post vaccine (Ryan Cole, MD, 2021).

On top of the known and emerging negative results and the violation of civil liberties, we have the known benefits of alternate treatments. Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine process and a vaccinologist since 1983, advises of the “hyper-inflammatory” response of this current experiment. The coagulation impact along with the swelling led him to endorse the protocols of Paul Merrick, MD and Pierre Kory, MD. These protocols utilize anticoagulation medications, steroids, Ivermectin and inhaled Budesimide. These providers have a 100% success rate in treatment to date. Since there are alternate, successful, and approved therapies (FDA already approved Budesimide, the steroids, the anti-coag drugs and Ivermectin) the emergency use approval (EUA) is, by code and rules of the FDA, supposed to be withdrawn. To research the success of Ivermectin, try a study published by WHO on its impact with SARS-CoV-2. https://swprs.org/why-ivermectin-works-and-where-to-buy-it/.

In the end, a leader must let those around him/her make their choice when presented with full facts. My intent with delivering this content is to assure that you have full information and the opportunity to make the choice on your own without coercion; that is a civil liberty protected by our Constitution. There are many more studies I could cite, and we could enter a discussion on available information such as the VAERS d-base. But a good leader also gives others the freedom to investigate, study and form their own opinions. I encourage you to do just that.

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