Today I start a process that I do not know where it will take me or anyone reading this site. I have felt the lead of God to talk about leadership as He designs it.

First, a little about me. I am the COO of a large multi-specialty medical group. I have been in healthcare in various leadership roles for 38+ years. In that time I have seen and experiences a lot of change in my industry and the world. I love leading people and sharing the excitement of mentoring and helping them achieve their goals. I build teams and try to turn them loose to do their own things.

I am masters prepared, have some clinical background in addition to my managerial background. I have spoken internationally on healthcare management topics and have also written on various subjects. I am currently working toward a PhD in Organizational Leadership. It is this last adventure that cemented the calling of God to begin sharing his Love and His approach to leadership.

As we go on this journey together I hope you will feel free to comment, challenge and give your perspective. With Covid-19 and the world-wide unrest on top of our American unrest, we need God and we need Godly leaders. I have failed in the past, still fail and will fail in the future, but I know I am a child of the living God and therefore I will have a chance to get up an do it again.

Thanks for coming with me on this journey. Let’s start seeing where God will lead.

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