Sometimes as leaders we stand against our organization’s tides, the world tides our family tides. This takes fortitude and bravery. The story of Daniel’s 3 friends, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego is a great example for leaders.

The back story is that the King (the boss) decreed that everyone bow down to a false God (perhaps a new product or policy in the work place). Knowing it to be wrong, these 3 leaders stood when all others bowed and therefore were pretty easy to pick out of the crowd. They could not follow the others because God was their God, not a golden idle. In the end, thy were punished, or attempted to be punished, but won out.

How many times as a leader are we challenged to stand up for what we know is right against the tide of what we know is wrong. Many of our organizations being carried along by recent events have begun to subjugate the conference room dialogue to politically correct discussions only. We are being challenged to not have robust dialogue about issues but to accept the world’s version as correct.

For example, black lives matter (BLM) seems to be a theme we are all being forced to adopt. I agree, black lives do matter…to God and so should to everyone. However, they matter no more than white, Asian, Latino or other people groups. We all matter and we must, in following God’s model of leadership, act as if we all matter.

The lgbtq lobby would have us believe they are a special people group. They are not. Their lives matter no more than others. Their goals conflict with mine and all Christ’s realm but we are all sinners and deserve the same. So they should be loved and treated with respect but not afforded any special place at the table.

If we are confronted with challenges such as these at work, as leaders, how do we respond? We respond as Christ following leaders. Treating others as we would want to be treated, loving all while not accepting the sin and letting Christ deal with the rest. Are we, as leaders, ready to stand as Daniel’s three friends did? Are we ready to be fired, ridiculed and ostracized standing for truth and being a leader? We will be challenged in coming days on may fronts. Some will be operational, some economic, and some will be Kingdom changing. Are you ready to stand for God’s way and lead in God’s manner?

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